Tuesday, April 29, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Tea Party Activist Accuses School Board Candidate of Racist Statements: Candidate Denies

MELBOURNE, Florida – A local conservative activist has accused a school board candidate of racist tweets in a posting on the Brevard Tea Party website.

Matt Nye, a former candidate for county commission, referred to an alleged 2013 tweet by Dale Davis, who is running for School Board District 5.

“The tweet is in response to this article on the Blaze about a Camden, NJ 16 year old black teen admitting to killing a 12 year old girl. Mr. Davis tweeted the following in response to the article: ‘DIE LIKE A THUG... POS. This is the reason prions are full of n*****s, they act that way! Stay focused...’ Indeed, it appears Clippers owner Donald Sterling has nothing on Mr. Davis,” Nye wrote on Brevard Tea Party.

Davis responded in an exclusive with Brevard Times.  “Until last night…I have never seen or heard of this tweet shown in Nye's allegations against me. I deny its origin, or that I had anything to do with it's fabrication.  Last night, was the first time I have ever seen the screen shot, or alleged tweet.

“I posted his accusation against me on my own Facebook, not one of my 1,500+ followers have agreed, in fact they have all been supportive, because they know, it is not me.  This is a poorly conceived smear tactic against my campaign,” Davis said.

Nye told Brevard Times, “Is the comment his? I contend it is, in spite of his claim his account was hacked. It is customary to notify your followers and friends when your account is hacked. If you go through his twitter feed around the time this was posted you will find no such notice.”  
Brevard Times will provide periodic updates on this story.


  1. Apparently Mr. Nye has never been to Camden or else he would know that in Camden October 30th isn't "Mischief Night" when they burn and loot. Its known in Camden as "Urban Renewal"
    Hey Nye go to North Camden in the middle of the day---I dare you --you'll never come out alive.

  2. I've met both Nye and Davis, If I had to make a call, I'd give the benefit to Davis, I just don't see him doing this.

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  4. All the truth about racism in our country can be described in two paragraphs. The main questions remains to be unanswered: "Where is the solution?"

  5. I'm impatiently waiting for the periodic updates on this story about how a tea party activist accused a school board candidate of racist statements.

  6. Perhaps, he is right, and that was a poorly conceived smear tactic against his campaign. Let's see how it goes...

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