Tuesday, March 18, 2014

RPOF Complains To Election Officials About Crist Billboards

TALLAHASSEE, Florida - The executive director of the Republican Party of Florida has filed a complaint with state elections officials claiming that Democrat gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist’s image on a law firm’s billboards should be reported as an in-kind campaign contribution.

The billboards advertise Morgan & Morgan P.A.  The RPOF claims that the billboards exceed the statutory contribution limit of $3,000 per person.  The complaint was filed with the Florida Elections Commission.

"I guess it should be no surprise that trial lawyer Charlie Crist is being helped by his trial lawyer partners at Morgan & Morgan, but his campaign's failure to report their help is a violation of the law,” said Juston Johnson.

“Morgan & Morgan billboards with Charlie Crist's face on them while he was a declared candidate qualified as a reportable contribution. Failing to report the billboards is a clear breach of the law and a promise to work 'for the people.'"

Morgan & Morgan has not responded to an email request for comment.


  1. If the billboards were paid for before Crist officially became a candidiate for a long period, then there is no foundation for the complaint. If the billboards are paid for independently, then it is no different than the same tactics being used by all the other poltical candidates to get around limits, thanks to Citizens United ruling by the pro corporate personhood Supreme Court. Left, right, and middle all oppose the ruling, but we are conveniently kept pitted against one another, instead of uniting against something so egregious to the living people of this nation.

  2. I guess that our elections do not mean... Our votes do not mean, since they simply decide for us, instead of us... God Bless Them!

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