Friday, January 10, 2014

RPOF Pushes Leaders to Use Social Media "Every Day"

ORLANDO, Florida – Florida Republican technical experts are pushing the faithful to use “viral marketing” by engaging peers on social media to make a difference in this year’s governor’s race.

Andrew Abdel-Malik, the Republican Party of Florida Director of Digital Strategy, said, “It’s not about demographics in broad categories anymore.  It’s about engaging people online.  We need to communicate the way people consume online.”
Abdel-Malik made the comments at the Annual Meeting of the Republican Party of Florida in Orlando.

He added that all local executive committees should post daily on Facebook and Twitter.  The RPOF has even added Instagram to their toolbox.
“The governor is all over Florida every day,” he said.  “We are now posting lots of pictures on Instagram to show all he is doing.”

Abdel-Malik said that the RPOF is even poaching on the Democrat’s turf.  They were able to purchase a website domain called “,” which is similar to the Democrat site “”
The RPOF says they have over 4,500 Twitter followers and 45,000 Facebook friends.  As well, they have a newly-designed website.


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