Thursday, January 9, 2014

Needelman Trial Officially Moved to Seminole County

TITUSVILLE, Florida – The court cases for former Brevard County Clerk of the Circuit Courts Mitch Needelman and two others for bribery and related charges have been transferred to the Seminole court system, according to Tyler Winik of the Brevard clerk’s office.

On January 6, 2014, Chief Judge John Harris entered orders in each of the respective cases indicated below transferring the actions to Seminole County: 05-2013-CA-064037-AXXX-XX, State v. Mitch Needelman; 05-2013-CA-064037-BXXX-XX, State v. William DuPree; 05-2013-CA-064037-CXXX-XX, State v. Rose Harr,” Winik said.  “Each case will receive its own case number once added to the Seminole Clerk of the Circuit Court’s CMS system.
“The Clerk has indicated these cases are being added to their system today (Thursday).  Copies of all of the items in the Brevard cases were hand delivered on CDs to Judge Alva yesterday and were sent in hard copy via FedEx, arriving this afternoon in Sanford.  The cases in Brevard will stand as closed by reason of transfer as of the date of the attached orders.”

The cases were assigned to Judge Marlene Alva in Seminole County after a local judge ruled that the trio could not get a fair trial in Brevard County.
The charges on the three result from alleged impropriety regarding a scanning contract between Needelman and Harr’s company, BlueWare, Inc. in 2012.


  1. Breaking News - the three are now trying to get the case moved outside the US. They just realized that paying for someone's campaign with money you receive for a fixed contract may be illegal in all the US and they will not get a fair trial. Maybe that is why they moved the money to the UK - I'm just saying/

  2. Makes sense, inconvenience all the witnesses and those with a real interest in this case rather than the criminals. I hope that they at least televise this now.