Monday, December 9, 2013

Needelman, Harr, and DuPree Granted Disqualification of Brevard County Judges

TITUSVILLE, Florida – Former Brevard County Clerk of the Courts Mitch Needleman won a partial victory recently in his request to have 18th Circuit Court judges disqualified from his upcoming trial for bribery and other charges.

Judge David Dugan ruled that 18th Judicial Circuit judges from Brevard will be disqualified, but that Seminole County judges can hear the case.

Dugan issued the same ruling for Rose Harr and Matt DuPree, who are also charged in conjunction with a disputed scanning contract that Needleman signed with BlueWare, Inc., Harr’s company in 2012.

Dugan’s orders add that the cases will be re-assigned by the circuit’s chief judge.  The Brevard Clerk of Courts system currently shows Seminole County Judge Marlene M. Alva as the “judge of record,” according to Tyler Winik of the clerk’s office.

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