Saturday, November 23, 2013

Needelman Judge Denies Motion on Procedural Grounds

VIERA, Florida - On Friday, a circuit judge denied “without prejudice” former Clerk of Courts Mitch Needelman’s motion for disqualification of Eighteenth Judicial Circuit judges in his upcoming trial, court records show.

Circuit Judge David Dugan said in his order “that the motion does not include the attorney’s certificate of good faith required under Rule 3.220(c)…and is therefore insufficient.”

Attorneys for Needleman can refile the motion to include the proper procedural language.  This motion and one for a change of trial venue were originally filed on November 5.

Needelman is charged with bribery, conspiracy to commit bribery, bid tampering, entering a contract resulting from bid tampering, unlawful campaign contribution in the name of another, and falsifying records in connection with an $8.6 million scanning contract.

Needleman is scheduled for a docket sounding on January 6, 2014 at the Moore Justice Center in Viera.

Order Denying Motion To Disqualify Judges


  1. Don't stop with just Needleman. Take a good look at the County Commission too.

    1. Oh please! And specifically who on the county commission has committed a crime? I'm not saying all of the votes have been good ones, agree some have been very bad, but ALL have been LEGAL unless you have some secret information you want to share with us? Put up or shut up!

    2. Wow! You sound like a liberal democrat!!!

  2. I agree....It appears that our county commission has made many bad decisions and at least some of them skirted the rules of ethics. I've always been taught that if it looks illegal then it is illegal, for elected officials. Although I doubt you can pin any criminal doings in their actions, they certainly have deviated from their campaign platforms and pushed the grow government and increase taxes mantra. I have particular issue with Nelson. A true RINO and am so very glad he's leaving office soon.