Thursday, July 4, 2013

Brevard Schools Receives Community Recommendations Through "Dialogue Day" Discussions

VIERA, Florida – About 75 people provided input on community relations, curriculum, diversity, finances and facilities at the first Brevard Public Schools “Dialogue Day” on June 27.

BPS also announced plans to form a Community Action Coalition, which it said will develop “realistic solutions” to issues raised at this initial meeting.
BPS had invited about 140 people to the meeting, including parents, teachers, union representation, support staff, administrators, business owners, business/industry employees, retirees, police, other human service organizations, civic, and government leadership.

According to a summary provided by BPS, the event “was designed to engage community members in pro-active discussions that culminated in positive solutions.”
Recommendations included:

Community Relations and Communications: allowing parents to make regular presentations at Board Meetings and using blogs to share ideas.
Curriculum and instruction: retaining the most effective teachers and improving communication initiatives regarding the Common Core State Standards.

Diversity and Equity: developing a marketing action plan and seeking ways to lower background check costs for mentors.
Financial Transparency and Accountability: increasing business partnerships and fundraising.

District Resources and Facilities: clarifying how projects are prioritized and answering for the public why schools with major updates had been selected for closure.
In an email to participants, Michelle Irwin of BPS noted that more discussions and work groups would continue in the future “to advance the mission of BPS.”

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  1. Yes, because a cherry-picked group of shills behind closed doors represents the "community". Whatever BPS..