Saturday, June 1, 2013

School Officials Look For "Dialogue" With The Community

VIERA, Florida - Brevard Public Schools Office of District Communications is hosting a “Dialogue Day” to discuss issues facing Brevard schools on June 27 from 4:30 – 7:30 pm at Viera High School.

“Brevard Public Schools is eager to engage a cross section of community members in enlightening discussions directed towards the gathering of constructive feedback and collaborative solutions,” according to Michelle Irwin, Director of District Communications.
The event will have several dialogue sessions – Curriculum and Instruction, Financial Transparency and Accountability, Community Relations and Communications, District Resources and Facilities, Diversity and Equity.

BPS has been accused in recent months by parent groups and the Brevard County Commission of displaying lax communication and racial inequities during the process of closing three schools.  Yesterday, a Brevard Circuit Court judge denied a parent-led injunction to stop the closings.
The event will have a keynote speaker – Keith Winsten from the Brevard Zoo – and several dialogue sessions. 

According to a release, “The Brevard Zoo was created by and through the grass root efforts of a community brought together for a common purpose. Mr. Winsten will share his insights into what occurred to make the dream of the Brevard Zoo a reality.”
BPS is requesting an RSVP to the event by phone call (321-633-100, Ext. 795) or by email (



  1. Too little too late. They destroyed at least one model school. It's like removing the bar of gold from a safe and only leaving the silver bars. What an arrogant bunch of people who were elected by the community that they fail to serve.

  2. I don't think anyone buys this. They have already proven they don't listen and don't care about the kids or community.

  3. WTF does the zoo have to do with this? I smell some misdirection.

  4. I'm thinking this is not a "Dialogue" meeting, but a ...this is the way it's going to be, so get over it ....meeting.!

  5. I think the leaders in the State want schools to become privatized so they don't have to be bothered with free and appropriate education. Free, now there's a joke.

  6. Interesting that Keith Winsten's wife works for the district.

  7. I too suspect misdirection. Or as they say in the Wizard of Oz , " Ignore the man behind the curtain". I agree, too little too late and somebody's trying save their job.