Monday, June 24, 2013

BPS Board Members Praise BCC Dual Enrollment Offer

VIERA, Florida – Three Brevard Public School board members have weighed in exclusively to Brevard Times on Brevard Community College’s offer of a one-year grant to fund dual enrollment opportunities for Brevard high school students.
Board chair Dr. Barbara Murray said, “BPS is very pleased to continue our partnership with Eastern Florida State College and provide college opportunities for Brevard students and their parents.  The entire Brevard community will benefit from the dual enrollment program and we look forward to learning about our students' achievements.”
Karen Henderson of BPS District 4 added, “I am pleased BCC/Eastern Florida State College is working with Brevard Public Schools to aid us in continuing to provide Dual Enrollment to our students for this year.
“The immediate implementation of this law has caused problems all across the state.  This is the type of law change that should have an implementation date of the following year to allow for proper planning and proactive changes.  The district will continue to review and make changes as necessary for next year.”
Dr. Michael Krupp of BPS District 1 said, “I want to thank Dr. Richey and the board of Trustees for their generous grant to the dual enrollment program.  Although a one-time grant, I do believe that next year’s legislation will address this hardship that was placed upon the school districts of Florida by this past legislation.
“Since this program is required by law, we cannot skirt our responsibilities and will continue to offer a stable and viable program of higher academics for those students so inclined and make it possible for many to pursue an AA degree while in high school at no virtually no cost to the parent or student.”
According to Michelle Irwin of BPS Communications, BPS and BCC are “still working out the details and continue to move forward on this collaborative solution.”
BPS board members Amy Kneessy and Andy Ziegler did not respond to media requests for this story.


  1. How about we just focus on building up our current course offerings and stop overloading these kids with crap like dual enrollment and all of these advanced academies? This 'keeping up with the Jones'' stuff is killing our in-school programs. I was thrilled they eliminated corridor busing! What a waste of money. Such a concept! Neighborhood schools! Invest where you live and you will reap what you sow!

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