Friday, March 1, 2013

Brevard Schools To Offer Advertising Opportunities

VIERA, Florida - As part of its $3.7 million budget cutting target, Brevard Public Schools has projected a potential $100,000 in revenue from “marketing.”  This really means “advertising.”

According to Michelle Irwin, BPS Director of District Communications, BPS is following the lead of other school districts, particularly Orange County.
"The $100,000 figure was based on research with other districts, specifically OCPS (Orange County Public Schools), who has a full time staff generating revenues through marketing. In speaking with them, it was determined that they generated approximately this amount in their first year. Please keep in mind that this is an estimate since it is a new endeavor.”

According to its website, OCPS has “five distinct programs to enable companies to reach parents, employees, and athletic event patrons.  These types of advertising and sponsorship activities include: Online advertising, communications advertising, print advertising, special event sponsorship, and athletic advertising/sponsorship.”
All OCPS advertisements have to be approved by the superintendent. Their policy – adopted in 2009 – also notes that “revenues acquired from advertising will be deposited in the general fund.”

Irwin said, “We have already begun partnering with OCPS to piggyback on some of their initiatives. In addition, we will be launching a new county-wide newsletter in which advertisements will be sold. As to where the ads will be sold and housed on school properties, we are looking at high traffic areas to give advertisers the greatest exposure for their dollars.”
She added that advertisers will be solicited locally and regionally. “Their message must be family friendly and considered a value to the community. We will not accept advertisers whose message contradicts the goals of the district.” reported in February that OCPS “is finalizing a deal with seven other local school districts, including Brevard, Volusia, and Seminole, to sell advertising for them, mainly at sporting events.  Orange County benefits by getting 10% off the top on the deals.”

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