Saturday, February 9, 2013

Binggeli Stays the Course on School Closures

VIERA, Florida - Brevard Public Schools is denying a report that Superintendent Dr. Brian Binggeli has changed his stance on school closures, according to BPS sources.
”The Viera Voice falsely reported that after an administrative meeting, Dr. Brian Binggeli will recommend to the school board to delay the four school closures for a year to explore alternatives,” said Michelle Irwin of the BPS Office of District Communications.  “It is on the Agenda for Tuesday.”
The BPS School Board will consider the closing of four schools, the elimination of corridor busing, and a fee to apply to Choice Schools at its meeting on Tuesday.  School Board member Amy Kneessy said that she will oppose closing schools.
Regarding corridor busing, Irwin said, “We are still exploring the feasibility of parents who would like to have the service paying a fee.”
Kneessy added, “The decision to end corridor bussing has been very difficult for the board.  The state only mandates transportation for students attending a neighborhood school that is two or more miles away.  There is no requirement to offer transportation to choice schools.  Other districts in the state have already eliminated this transportation, if they even offered it to begin with.  Many parents have asked me if we could charge for transportation.  So far, the Department of Education has said no but we are seeking a legal opinion from the State Attorney’s Office.  I also had the opportunity to discuss this matter directly with the Governor last Friday.  We are hopeful we can find a way to continue offering transportation to choice schools next year, but it would be on a fee basis.”


  1. I would seek to Fire blondie for treason. Then fire those in our broken government. These silly " we are broke", or we must close schools is just beyond the scope of the truth.

    Jail the criminal banks, and those in government that support the criminal acts of these banks. People, WAKE up before it is too late.

    We have had enough of these criminals and we WILL be doing something to jail/deport them. We WILL take back our country from thes criminals!

  2. Your an idiot. Closing schools that are half full is a great idea.

  3. Who said these schools were half full? Idiot!

  4. Dean Paterakis - not scared to tell the truth!!February 10, 2013 at 10:00 AM

    Closing these schools were in the making for years now and this new Viera Charter School is going to benefit from them closing!!!

    Robert Jordan who was our own BPS school board member is now on the new Viera Charter Board and other senior staff members who had to resign from BPS from wrongdoing are involved with this charter school. Even when we get rid of them they come back like a bad rash.

    The scary part is that these Charter Schools have less checks and balances that our own schools have so you can only imagine what will happen to the $9 million they take from our taxes will go to.

    And like anonymous 1 said it is not about enrollment at these schools they are trying to close. These are A schools ALL except one happens to be within 12 miles of this new charter school and according to BPS these school closures will affect 16 schools. So when you have a bunch of angry parents being moved around 16 schools that are 12 miles or less from this new charter school where do you think they will consider taking their kids to?

    Remember while BPS schools are claiming they don't have money to fund art, music, and sports this charter school is touting they WILL have these programs and more.

    Wake up sheep!! It's all part of the plan and you are falling right into it!!!!!