Thursday, January 17, 2013

State Supreme Court Upholds Pension Contribution

TALLAHASSEE, Florida - The Florida Supreme Court ruled on Thursday in favor of the State and over-turned a lower court decision in a 4-3 vote, according to the Florida Association of School Administrators.
“Balancing the state budget on the backs of the middle class working families is the wrong approach for legislative leaders and the governor to take, Florida Education Association President Andy Ford said on Thursday in a statement.  “We’re disappointed that the state’s highest court said this approach was legal.”
The ruling (which can be linked below) states that the Legislature was within the confines of the Constitution when it mandated state employees who participate in the Florida Retirement System (FRS) to contribute 3-percent of their salary to the fund.
Governor Scott’s office released the following statement,” The court’s ruling today supports our efforts to lower the cost of living for Florida families. This means even more businesses will locate and grow in our state, which creates even more opportunities for Floridians to live their version of the American dream.”
There are 623,000 public employees who participate in the FRS. These include public school teachers, law-enforcement officers, state and county employees plus state university and college employees.

Ken Wood, president of the Teamsters Joint Council 75 said, “The promises made to our public services employees should be kept.

“Pensions are simply deferred wages, and it is in Florida’s interest to make sure that the workers who transport our children to school, protect our communities and perform essential public services can retire in dignity and modest comfort.”

He added that his organization will be reviewing the case and deciding on next steps.

The Teamsters represent 25,000 city, county, state and federal workers.

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