Tuesday, January 22, 2013

School Board Delays School Closure Vote

VIERA, Florida - In a surprise move, the school board of Brevard Public Schools voted Tuesday night to postpone a vote on school closures until the Capital Outlay Committee has more time to review data.

School Board Chair Dr. Barbara Murray requested this delay – until February 12 - as the public hearing began.

Immediately, member Amy Kneessy made a motion to “permanently remove South Lake, Sea Park, and Gardendale from the agenda for closure.  I do not want to put this community through another three weeks and I want to end it tonight.”

Member Andy Ziegler said, “I don't want to drag it on anymore.  We have a list of priorities and the board could change them. I’m worried about our cuts dropping further.  We need extensive conversation on how to keep those schools open.  We don’t have time to have in-depth conversation, so I cannot support a decision that broad.  I cannot support that motion at this time."

A vote on this motion failed 3-2.

Ziegler then made a motion to table the school closure vote until February 12.  The vote passed 4-1.

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  1. Murray looked out at the pissed off crowd and came to the realization that if they voted to close those schools, the chances of her and the rest of the school board making it out of Viera alive was slim & none.
    Motion to save the School Board members asses....passed. They'll close the schools on a later date in a secret meeting.