Thursday, January 10, 2013

BPS Offers Chance For Input on Proposed Boundary Changes

Viera, Florida - Brevard Public Schools held a meeting Thursday night to hear community input on proposed boundary changes that will be presented to the Board of Education, in conjunction with proposed school closures, at their January 22 meeting.
“We want to hear your suggestions on boundaries tonight,” said Michelle Irwin of BPS.  “Suggestions tonight will be analyzed by our facilities team prior to the January 22 meeting.”
Parents went to four break-out rooms to see the proposed boundaries if the four proposed schools are closed.  These schools are Clearlake Middle, Gardendale Elementary, Sea Park Elementary, and South Lake Elementary.
Parents at the meeting offered to begin a campaign to raise money to fund a special election in November.  Irwin said she would contact the parents to review the feasibility.
Michelle Speisman, a parent who organized a rally prior to this meeting, said that her groups’ petition to have a re-vote on a tax increase has over 2,200 signatures.  This petition is proposing an extension of the current 0.25 mil property tax and an addition of a $0.25 sales tax.
This was the last meeting to provide any input into the proposed boundary changes prior to the January 22 public hearing.

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