Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Local GOP Leader Denies Voting Irregularities

A newly-elected leader of the Brevard Republican Executive Committee disputed the claims made by a local Tea Party member in a recent Brevard Times guest article.
Dale Davis, who was singled out by Matt Nye in the post, said Tuesday that Nye’s claims are “riddled with errors, unfounded accusations, and many malign (sic), contentious, and malicious statements.”
Nye had outlined instances of alleged irregularities in the voting process at the closed BREC election meeting.  That story can be found at http://government.brevardtimes.com/2012/12/libertarians-tea-party-neocons-split.html
Davis said that the elections were held according to rules and that Chair Barbara Davis’ actions were proper.
"I was present, and did participate in the Brevard Republican Executive Committee (B.R.E.C.) elections for Officers and District Chairs. The election was overseen by a Republican Party of Florida (R.P.O.F.) Field Director, and all standards were indeed adhered to by Robert's Rules of Order, and as directed by the RPOF policy's and guidelines,” Davis said.
“It is in my humble opinion that Chairwoman Barbara Davis did act, and conduct herself, and the closed door elections, in the highest standards of professional decorum, fairness, and in keeping with all regulations overseeing elections.”
Davis went on to claim that Nye is only raising these issues because he lost the election of Chair of the BREC to Davis.
“I can only attribute Mr. Nye's blog, as no more, no less than a ‘SOUR GRAPES’ reaction to not getting his way. His lack of maturity and humbleness showed as he campaigned saying one thing, and two days later, he wants to take his ball and go home, as he types out vitriolic contemptuousness for the BREC and its membership,” Davis said.
Nye said in the article, “I have decided that while I will remain a registered Republican, I can no longer support an Executive Committee run in this fashion…Effective January 10, we will begin working to organize the Brevard Tea Party in a more structured fashion to address the concerns of Republicans in Brevard County, and give those unwanted by the local establishment an outlet to focus their considerable talents.”
Davis said that he would – as well – be working for Republicans.
“As a newly elected Executive Board member and District Chair, as well as a long standing BREC member in good standing, I will continue to support, and volunteer my time to promote, and elect responsible, qualified, and professional Republican candidates into office's that serve all of our municipalities, county, state, and nation."
In 2012, Nye had signaled intention to run for County Commission District 1, but withdrew from the race.  In 2010, Nye ran an unsuccessful primary campaign for County Commission District 4.

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