Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ivey To Meet With Binggeli To Enhance School Safety

VIERA, Florida - Brevard County Sheriff-Elect Wayne Ivey will be meeting with Brevard Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Brian Binggeli this week to discuss strategies to build on current school safety policies.
“Our primary goal is to respond to the recent tragic incident in Connecticut in a collaborative effort with the Brevard County School System and our local Public Safety partners by building on the 'Critical Incident' framework that is already in place within our school system,” Ivey told Brevard Times in an exclusive interview.
BCSO deputies have been in place at all elementary schools this week.  All Brevard secondary schools have deputies regularly assigned as School Resource Officers.
Ivey said that his team will work with the school system to improve current plans and also to look to the future.
“Our first meeting is scheduled for later this week giving us an opportunity to immediately consider the various measures that are already in place and apply them to recent incidents that have occurred.  The focus is to further develop measures using the current foundation we have and to ensure that any new measures work universally at each of our schools. “
Ivey added that shootings in Connecticut need to energize local efforts to mitigate violent acts.
“The impact of the tragic incident in Sandy Hook was felt across our nation and around the world.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the families, community, and Public Safety members as they face this horrific tragedy,“ he said.
“While we may never understand an incident such as this, one thing is clear, similar tragedies have occurred in a movie theater, a Temple, and Shopping Malls.  We cannot afford to wait for an emergency to happen before we go into action, but instead, as a community must go into action today to make sure a tragedy like this never occurs again.”

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