Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Brevard GOP Chair Responds to Allegations

Guest Article by Barbara Davis in response to guest article by Matthew Nye

I am honored to have been re-elected Chairman of the Republican Party of Brevard at the organizational meeting and election on Thursday, December 13, and will continue to fulfill all duties and responsibilities of an REC Chairman in accordance with the RPOF Officer Duties and leadership Manual.
 Let me assure you that the election was conducted properly in accordance with the Brevard Republican Executive Committee’s Bylaws and RPOF Procedures and the total number of votes for each Office was: Chairman - 129 votes
Vice Chairman - 120 votes
Secretary - 117 votes
Treasurer - 112 votes
Here are the facts:
All BREC members who submitted qualifying documents in June 2012 as required by State law were timely notified of the meeting and that the election would be held in accordance with the Brevard Republican Executive Committee Bylaws, which are posted on our website: 
All BREC members whose term ended November 30, 2012 and did not submit qualifying documents were also timely notified that the meeting was only open to qualified members as at December 1, 2012 and they were not eligible to attend. 
There is no requirement to hold monthly Executive Board meetings, and since only the “Special Orders” election of officers was on the Agenda for the organizational meeting, no Board meeting was scheduled. 
When I learned General Counsel Michael Kahn would not be able to attend the meeting, I immediately contacted Deputy Counsel Minerva Simpson and asked her to conduct the Chairman’s election.  A copy of the pertinent Sixth Bylaw was sent to her.  As a courtesy, I also sent all known candidates a copy of the Sixth Bylaw covering “Quorum, Elections, Rules of Procedure.” 
There was no shortage of ballots.  Ballot envelopes had been prepared by a volunteer team headed by State Committeewoman Carlie Rogers and when they were distributed at the meeting, one of the Districts didn’t receive enough envelopes.  When it was brought to Mrs. Rogers’ attention, she immediately gave them additional ballot envelopes since we had extras for just such a contingency. 
An alphabetical attendance list was kept by Secretary Judy Timothy, and when the question arose that 129 ballots had been cast for Chairman, two more than Secretary Timothy reported were in attendance, the list was reviewed and we found that two people in attendance had not been checked off, so the list agreed exactly with the number of ballots cast in the first race.  The number was reconciled before the results were announced. 
Ballots were tallied by a Tellers’ Committee consisting of a Head Teller appointed by the Chairman, tellers nominated by each of the Chairman candidates, and tellers representing each of the five Districts.  All counting was also under the supervision of an RPOF Field Director, and was conducted in a separate room set aside for that purpose. 
All candidates received their allotted time for nominations and speeches. 
There were less voters for each succeeding race because people had to leave as the evening progressed and the declining number of “total votes cast” reflected that dynamic.  When a question arose about handing in ballots for an upcoming race, but leaving prior to the actual race, I clarified the rules that in order to vote you must be present at the time of that particular race.  The one vote in question was not counted. 
I thank everyone for participating in the election and invite registered Republicans to attend the next BREC general meeting on Thursday, January 10, 2012.
Best wishes for a blessed and Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!
Best regards, Barbara Davis  
Barbara Davis,
Republican Party of Brevard
(321) 223-0808

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