Saturday, November 3, 2012

Jeb Bush Stumps For Mitt Romney in Brevard

MELBOURNE, Florida - Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush rallied the faithful Saturday afternoon at the Republican Party of Florida headquarters in Melbourne.
“America is a place that when more people dream and more people innovate, then more people are successful,” Bush told the crowd of 350 people.  “Mitt Romney understands that – Barack Obama does not.
“On Day One, Mitt Romney will restore American greatness – that means high wage and high growth jobs that are sustained for long periods of time,” Bush added. “Not like the president’s current policy of jobs here for a month and then gone again.”
Bush also spoke of Romney’s commitment to work with the opposition.
“Look, I’m a committed conservative and I love fighting liberals,” Bush said.  “But at the end of the day, big things need consensus and we need to reach across the partisan divide.  Mitt Romney understands this.”
In an exclusive interview with Brevard Times, Bush, who has been involved in education reform since his time in office, said that Romney has been engaged.  “We helped with his platform,” Bush said. “He is talking more about education reform on the stump.”
The campaign bus that made stops in Tampa, Lakeland, and Kissimmee before coming to Melbourne included Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll and Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam.
Carroll told the crowd, “The president says we’re doing better and better.  If this is his ‘better’ then he needs to re-check his definition of that word.”
Putnam encouraged the “biggest crowd of the day” to reach beyond Brevard for votes.  “We have knocked on 27 times more doors than in 2008.  But it is not enough.  Look on your Christmas card list and call anyone that lives in a swing state.  Urge them to vote!”
A local leader for the Romney campaign, Cynthia Handley, said she can feel the enthusiasm building.  “We are feeling very positive.  We have a steady stream of people in our Cocoa Beach headquarters.  We have handed out over 2,000 yard signs.”
And the excitement is being felt beyond the campaign leadership.  “I’ve never felt this much enthusiasm for a candidate for president in the 20 years I have been campaigning,” said Karen Dove of Palm Bay.  “It is exhilarating!”

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  1. The idea Romney can beat Obama w/o a motivated base is like a man standing in a bucket trying to pick himself up by the handle.