Thursday, November 22, 2012

Early Black Friday Sale Draws a Crowd

MERRITT ISLAND, Florida - About 200 people lined up outside Sears at the Merritt Square Mall on Thanksgiving night at 8:00 pm to take advantage of early Black Friday sales.
“We got here at about 1:00 pm,” said UCF engineering student Will Boggs.  “It was nice earlier, but it’s getting kind of cold.  I’ve got a voucher for a 50-inch television, so it’s worth it.”
Jamie Keith, a health care administration major at UCF, also was looking for a deal.  “My voucher is for the 32-inch LED TV.  It’s only $97.00.”
The vouchers were handed out to the first group of people in line at about 6:30 pm.  They included deals on televisions, DVD players, tablets and laptops.
Many people left when they realized that those particular “Doorbuster” deals were no longer available.
“My son told me I might get a TV cheap,” said one shopper.  “But I don’t really need anything else so I’m out of here.”
A Sears associate told the crowd that there were other items on sale at 4:00 am, including a 50-inch plasma television.

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