Saturday, August 18, 2012

MIHS Goes Online With News

A journalism class at Merritt Island High School has created a news website this school year to deliver news in a speedier fashion than the traditional print versions of the past.  The website is updated each weekday by the 16 students in the class.

"The Black and Gold Online" went live last week and features sections on top stories, sports, news, student life, opinions and features.  There is also a page where students will be able to submit creative writing projects.

The website address is

The news section will feature education-related stories some of which were orginally published at and

The class will also publish "The Pony Express" newspaper four times during the school year.  With this format, students will be able to do more indepth reporting on stories.

Both and "The Pony Express" are free.

For more information or advertising rates, contact Charles Parker at

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