Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Flash: Steele Calls Race "Tight"; Blickley Responds

Jason Steele, Republican primary candidate for Brevard County Property Appraiser, sent a mass email to Facebook friends this afternoon calling his race with Dana Blickley "tight" and urging supporters to call friends and get to the polls.

In an exclusive to Brevard Times, Blickley responded, "I'm not sure how he knows the potential outcome of this election; however, my strategy has been the same from the beginning. Run on my experience, qualifications, formal education, and work ethic and then wait for the hiring managers to decide."

Steele blamed "untrue emails and robo calls put out by the Liberty Catalyst Fund" for the closeness of the contest.  He said, "We will lose due to low turnout if I do not turn out my vote. HELP."

Steele added, "The committee's in this race are out of control. The lies, and half truths, are unchecked. There needs to be serious reform. I pray for victory this evening, but regardless, I will support the primary winner.  It will be interesting to see what my opponents do."

Steele did not mention the third candidate in the race, incumbent Jim Ford.


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  1. REFORM INDEED...The Tea Party is out of control and destroying the Republican Party in Brevard County. Do not let this issue end with whoever wins this election..