Wednesday, July 11, 2012

County Commission District 3: Jason Mahaney

BREVARD COUNTY, Florida - “We need to cut spending, but not cut services,” says Jason Mahaney, Republican candidate Brevard County Commission District 3.  “We need to be quick to react to changing circumstances in order to receive bigger savings for the residents.”
This credo is the thread that runs consistently through Mahaney’s discussions.  “We can’t cut services because that would affect our quality of life.  But we need to work with department heads to save some money.  Many employees have county cell phones and laptops plus have ordered new office furniture.  Is all that really necessary?”
Mahaney adds that everyone should feel the pinch.  “I believe that most departments are doing pretty good for what they have, but more can be done.  There should be cuts in every department.”
The three big issues that are facing the County Commission, according to Mahaney, are jobs, civility on the board, and employee morale.
“Jobs are, of course, number 1.  We need to look at more tax abatements.  In fact, the abatements should be the same for local businesses that want to expand as we have been providing for new businesses coming in,” Mahaney said.
While not elaborating on his civility comment, Mahaney noted that the friction on the board needs to stop. He was alluding to recent clashes between the incumbent District 3 commissioner Trudie Infantini and other commission members.
“I also want to make the county a workplace where employees are proud to work. I want people to want to work at their jobs.  That is done by treating them respectfully and keeping their wages solid,” Mahaney added.
Though considered a longshot by many due to lack of name recognition and campaign funds, Mahaney is undeterred.  “I have done well in some straw polls and I do a lot of the campaign work myself, even building my own signs.  I don’t need to pay someone to do those things. I’m going door-to-door. I’m a hard worker.”  Mahaney recently won the over his three opponents with 46.3% of the vote.
He is also very confident that his leadership skills and background will be an attribute to the commission.  “Since incorporation, I have been a part of building the town of Grant-Valkaria from the ground up.  As Vice-Mayor I have evaluated every aspect of all departments, including code enforcement and also assisted in setting up the Comprehensive Plan.  And, by the way, our town is debt-free.”
Mahaney wants to be a commissioner for all of Brevard County. 
“It’s important to represent the entire county. I live in Grant-Valkaria and used to work in Titusville. Residents in District 3 work all over the county. Every part deserves special treatment.  We need to look at the big picture. I plan to listen to the people and be the voice of the people.  In fact, I plan to have evening office hours so that all the people have access to me.”
The Republican primary for County Commission District 3 will be held on August 14, 2012. Candidates are incumbent Trudie Infantini, Jason Mahaney, and Helen Voltz. The winner will face Democrat Joe Pishgar on November 6, 2012.


  1. Vote for Trudie. She's done a good job!

  2. Oh no! He said "quality of life".The liberals must love him.

  3. Jason is honest and will do a great job. He has my vote. Trudie still has the stench of Scott Ellis on her. Helen is..... Helen. Everybody knows her history. Let's get a man with a mission for a change!

    1. Thank you for your kind words about Jason. Brevard County has tried the other two candidates, now give Jason a try. He will not disappoint. A very honest, hard working person. He always considers the people. He will not run a negative campaign, and does not believe in pointing out the flaws of the others. He has the knowledge for the position, is trained in negotiationing skills, which will be an asset to the position. An excellent choice.