Wednesday, July 11, 2012

County Commission District 3: Helen Voltz

BREVARD COUNTY, Florida - Helen Voltz has been there – done that.  And she wants to do it again.
Voltz served as a Brevard County Commissioner in District 5 from 1996-2000 and then in District 3 from 2004-2008.  This time she’s trying to unseat incumbent Trudie Infantini.
“I am running because I can provide effective leadership,” Voltz said.  “There is no ‘I’ in team and Trudie is not a team player. She has never been elected chair (of the commission).  That rarely happens, but that shows what her peers think of her.”
Voltz wants to offer innovative budget ideas to save money on behalf of taxpayers.  “We should not be in the garbage business.  We should offer an RFP for a private entity to take over garbage collection and the dump.  We could save millions of dollars this way.  Plus, the solid waste department is flush with employees.  We can eliminate many positions through attrition.”
She also is very supportive of one department that has at times come under fire – code enforcement.  “We need it.  There are many houses in disrepair. I know that some people say that staff can be overzealous, but I have never seen it first-hand.  We certainly need to make sure that they are reactive - that there is a good balance – that no one’s property rights are infringed on.”
Voltz also has ideas on how the county budget can be cut. She admits that there have been many positions cut, but cites that most of them were ones that were already vacant.  She said that the commission really needs to set priorities.
“Does the county really need to support the arts?  They should support themselves.  If we could sell or privatize the county golf course, that would be great.  However, we need to be sensitive to the voters.  They have supported the EELS program and Parks and recreation in the past.
“Trudi proposed cutting a lot from the general fund on parks.  But that might have cut our summer programs, which are very important and successful.  You have to understand the consequences of cuts, not just the popularity.”
While Voltz admits that Community Redevelopment Agencies – CRAs – have done good work, specifically citing the ones in Merritt Island, Palm Bay, and Melbourne, she believes that it would be “ideal” if the county was more in charge of these funds.  While she thinks the new Economic Development Zone for Titusville will be good for some south county residents, she does have some issues.
“Many people who are in my district work in the Titusville area so this will benefit everyone. However, I am concerned over the fact that the EDZ will get to keep all of the tax revenue from the new FPL plant.  The county should get a portion of that or at least have some added control over it, “Voltz said.
Voltz hopes to continue supporting public safety, infrastructure, and the health and safety of Brevard citizens.  “Those are the primary functions of county government,” she added.
The Republican primary for County Commission District 3 will be held on August 14, 2012. Candidates are incumbent Trudie Infantini, Jason Mahaney, and Helen Voltz. The winner will face Democrat Joe Pishgar on November 6, 2012.


  1. Tax and spend helen wants her job again.

  2. Trudie cares about me the taxpayer , not how popular she is with the other tax and spend commissioners!

    1. Perhaps if Trudie spent more time caring about RESULTS, instead of making herself a spectacle, she might have gotten something done in four years. Trudie has been totally ineffective and has gotten nothing done in her entire four year term. Time to give the experienced Voltz the reins, if she's good enough for Weldon, she's good enough for me.

  3. Helen Voltz has proven she can get the job done for us fiscal conservatives with her skillful negotiation and common sense, non-drama fashion. Unlike the current commissioner, she realizes it isn't all about her, but is all about the good of her constituents. Talk is cheap, and the reality has always been that if you are going to get anything done in politics it's all about the art of the deal – not storming out of meetings or making every situation an adversarial one. Or being a very loose cannon. We need Ms. Voltz's level head and longtime personal relationships badly in District 3. It is not a coincidence that highly respected conservative stalwarts like Dave Weldon and Jack Park are endorsing Ms. Voltz for this vert important job for our community.

  4. I checked comm infantini's voting record on her district website. She voted over 90% with the other commissioners, check it out! Voltz 's approach 'I scratch your back you scratch mine' is why this country needs more comm infantini's.